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Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Mac OSX (32-64 bit)

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PostWysłany: Sob 13:40, 22 Mar 2014    Temat postu: Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Mac OSX (32-64 bit)

Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Mac OSX (32-64 bit) (Size: 436 MB)

New Features in Anime StudioŸ Pro 9.5

Smart Bones - Enhancement to Smart Bones now allows the ability to control Switch layers, Layer order, Layer visibility, Follow path, Flip layer horizontally/vertically, Stroke exposure, Shape effect positioning, Shape effect parameters (like gradient colors), 3D thickness of vector shapes that have been converted to 3D and even more smart bones controls.

Depth Shifting - When moving an object forward and back in Z, Depth Shifting is an option to preserve its apparent size. Anime Studio Pro 9.5 does this by automatically applying the proper amount of scale. This can be used to arrange landscapes, for example placing mountains far away without forcing them to become tiny.

Media foundation - The 64-bit Windows version of Anime Studio Pro 9.5 will now use Media Foundation. It is no longer necessary to install QuickTime to import popular audio and video formats like MP3, AAC, MP4, and QuickTime. When exporting animations on Windows 7 and higher, the application can create movies using the Windows Media Foundation media library. When exporting animations on Windows XP and higher, the application can create movies using the DirectShow media library.

Bone-Rigging System - Enhancement to bones now allows you to add labels and assign colors to bones. The keyframes for colored bones show up in the timeline in special colored channels to match.

Nested Layer Controls - Bones can now control the children of their children. If you have a group inside a bone layer and then vector layers inside that group, the bone layer can manipulate the artwork in those vector layers if nested layer control is turned on. This allows for more powerful rigging options, while simultaneously simplifying and allow more organization in the layer hierarchy.

Flexi-Binding - Flexi-Binding allows you to isolate the influence of a set of bones from the rest of the skeleton. For example, only the right arm bones should affect the artwork for the right arm. This lessens (or eliminates) the need to separate artwork on frame zero, and then put it back together again with the Offset Bone tool. This is a great new feature for images and vectors.

Styles Improvement - Improvements to Styles now allow you to see real-time changes to shape's fill color, stroke color, brush settings, etc. on the canvas so you can see exactly what effect your changes will have.

Update to Eye Dropper - The updated and improved Eyedropper has options to just select fill color or stroke color, or copy a color to the clipboard.

Enhancements to Switch Layers - Improvements to switch layer behavior will allow them to work better for frame-by-frame animation.

Switch Layer Keyframes Match Layer Colors - If the children of a switch layer have layer colors assigned, then when those children are active, the corresponding keys in the timeline will have the same color. This makes it easier to see what switch layer is active at what time with a quick glance.

Easy Control Over Switch Layers - To change a switch layer¡¯s active child, you can now simply Alt+Cmd+right click on it in the workspace. No need to select it in the Layers palette.

Improvements to Brush Spacing - Brushes sometimes tended to bunch up, especially around pointy corners. The brush spacing is now much more even, including when the curviness of a shape is animated over time.

Graying Inactive Layers - This can clear up the visual clutter on the screen when you want to mostly concentrate on a single object.

Layer Shading Enhancement - Layer shading now has an option to invert the shading, so instead of making a layer look shaded, it now can also look like it has a rim highlight.

Masking Indicator on Layer and Group - This makes it easy to see when masking is in effect, as well as what contribution each layer has to a mask.

Follow Path Layer Indicator - Layers that follow a path get an indicator on top of their icon in the Layers palette.

Freehand Tool Improvements - You can now control the amount of tapering at the beginning and end of a stroke.

Spherical Panorama Script - Convert a spherical panorama image into a 3D sphere that can be viewed from any angle with the camera tools.

Fisheye Script - Turn a fisheye image into a curved, wide-angle surface that can be panned around with the camera tools.

Tiling Script - Allows the user to create repeating texture patterns to fill the workspace (they can be animated as well).

Poser Import - Support for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014

Includes many other enhancements not listed here

System Requirements

-Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9
-(64-bit OS required for 64-bit installation)
-1.5 GHz Intel Processor or above
-1.25 GB free hard drive space
-512 MB RAM
-1024x768 resolution
-16-bit color display
-CD-ROM drive (for physical version of application)
-PoserŸ 7 or later needed to import Poser scenes

Important Information:

*Installation of AdobeŸ FlashŸ Player 9 or higher (Macintosh & Windows)
Portions of Anime Studio 9.5 require that Adobe’s Flash Player is installed on your system, version 9 or later is supported. The Flash Player is only needed to view any exported .swf files you may export from Anime Studio. We have included an installer for Flash Player 10 in the ‘Third Party Installers’ folder on the disk (physical purchases only). You can also download the latest version of Flash Player by going to: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

*QuickTimeŸ (Macintosh & Windows)
You must have QuickTime installed in order to playback MP3 audio files within Anime Studio, and for importing and exporting Quicktime .mov files as well as viewing included videos. The Quicktime Installer for Windows is included on the disk in the 'Third Party Installers' folder (physical purchases only). We recommend that Mac users update to the latest version of Quicktime. You can download the latest version of Quicktime by going to: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Language : English, German, Spanish


Homepage :


Kod: Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Mac OSX (32-64 bit) [ChingLiu].rar

Kod: Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.5 Mac OSX (32-64 bit) [ChingLiu].rar.html

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